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About Us


Welcome to the Potluck Pantry!

Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Rori, and I am the creative energy behind the Potluck Pantry blog and marketplace.

What is a "Potluck Pantry?"

When I think of a Potluck, I think of everyone making a contribution to put together something for everyone to enjoy.  Whether it be food, knowledge, ideas, or energy - a potluck is a synergy of our best efforts!  I have expanded on the traditional definition of a pantry; to me, it is the place where we store all of those "things" we can contribute to the potluck celebration.

I hope to dig through my pantry, and share with you my knowledge, ideas, recipes, and energy to help you celebrate your life!

About Me...

I live outside Pittsburgh, PA with my cranky calico tabby, polydactyl cat named Pidge.

I grew up on a working farm in Western PA - surrounded by horses, ponies, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, dogs and cats. I dearly miss all the animals - but I do not miss having to carry water in the mud or deep snow to all the animals.

Before I was born, my mom owned a restaurant in Washington, PA call The Pantry - that is where the pantry part of the title comes from (I will post pictures of The Pantry in the Cool Pics section).  She did all of the cooking and baking - with fresh pies and home style meals that were guaranteed to fill you up!  After she married - she continued baking and cooking for the family.  One of my aunt's on my dad's side of the family said, "We always hoped your mom would bring her homemade buns anytime we had a picnic because they were so good."

Because of the restaurant, Mom never learned to cook for a small group - we always had enough for 40 people.  I am the same way - I cannot cook a small batch of anything.   Someday I hope to have a "farm to table" style restaurant, based on my what I learned from mom and the farm, I think I have the experience.  I love to cook and bake, spending a lot of time in my kitchen whipping up new creations.

I have worked in retail sales management and high technology sales since I graduated from college.  I enjoyed being in sales - and working with customers to help them make the best decision possible.  But after awhile, I wanted to do something more creative that involved the skills I learned as a young girl.  I also wanted the opportunity to help more people find the information they need to make their life easier and more fun.

Travel and photography is another hobby I enjoy.  I went to Paris early in 2019, it was my first foreign trip and I am now addicted.  I walked over 45 miles in four days and took over 1,000 pictures (check out Cool Pics).  I hope to go back this fall to eat more macaroons, take more pictures, and walk all over the wonderful city.

I have a passion for cowboy boots, high heels, comfortable jeans, French perfume, pasta, charred steaks, good appliances and sleeping in every chance I get! I also love cranky cats, Labrador Retrievers, and the wayward bunny that runs through my yard.

I hope you enjoy my blog - feel free to reach out and send an email if you have any questions!

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