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Brussel Sprouts w/Bacon

This is one of the easiest recipes for a delicious side dish you can make quickly - and if you need to for a large party.

Pour some olive oil in a skillet. Turn the burner on low and toss in some bacon crumbles, salt, pepper, garlic, and any other seasonings you like. I like the everyday seasonings from Trader Joe’s.

While everything is simmering, prepare your sprouts. Cut off the bottoms, remove any outter leaves that you don’t like, and then slice them down. I usually get three or four slices per sprout. You can also just halve them hit it will take a little longer to cook.

Pour your sprouts into the pan.  Stir occasionally to mix everything together until the sprouts are done. The bacon gives this such great flavor.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can fry up some bacon and use that for the bacon crumbles and used the bacon grease instead of olive oil.